Dr. Jim Dincalci How to Forgive When You Can't
How to Forgive When You Can't

“This is a really good forgiveness book. It is clear, helpful, and wise. Anyone who brings a hurt or grievance to this work will be helped. I recommend How to Forgive When You Can’t both because of the book and because of Dr. Dincalci.”
-Fred Luskin, PhD, Author of Forgive for Good and Forgive for Love

Forgiveness: It’s easier said than done.
You’ve been wronged—and you can’t get past it. Whatever the cause of your resentment—whether it’s a fight with a former friend that’s lasted for years, an unfaithful spouse, being laid off from a job, or having been the victim of a horrible crime—you’re finding it extremely difficult to “forgive and forget.” Maybe you’re not even sure you want to.

Watch the video below and let Dr. Jim share what forgiveness truly is and his experience of how it affected his life.

Who’s really being hurt?
It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the very first step in the forgiveness process—the willingness to pardon another—is often the most difficult. But here’s the kicker: The person you’re hurting most by holding on to your resentment and anger is yourself. Unforgiven offenses eat at you, whether you know it or not, infusing your life with a bitterness that prevents you from finding peace. Essentially, refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
In this award-winning book, Dr. Dincalci uses clear-cut strategies and compassion-inspiring stories to teach you the techniques that will enable you to work through your emotions on the road to forgiveness and peace.

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• The Book has earned 4 national awards and is published in 9 languages. German, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese, Romanian, Italian, Traditional Chinese and English.

Research Results: In careful scientific studies, forgiveness training has been shown to . . .

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