Dr. Jim Dincalci How to Forgive When You Can't


On this page, we include a list of links to other websites that we feel are good sources for anyone seeking more information about forgiveness.

If you or your organization would like to be included, or if there are other websites you think we should consider, please let us know by sending an email to The Foundation

The International Forgiveness Institute has been doing research and sponsoring projects in forgiveness for many years.  The International Forgiveness Institute

The Campaign for Forgiveness Research is doing nice work on promoting forgiveness research. Good articles, too.   The Campaign for Forgiveness Research

The Forgiveness Web is a comprehensive forgiveness resource.  The Forgiveness Web

Are you or someone you know going through a catastrophic illness, acting as someone’s caregiver, or in mourning? If so, The CorStone Center can help. CorStone is a non-profit organization established in 1975 that develops and supports emotional resilience in children, families, and communities, empowering them to better deal with challenge, conflict, or crisis. The Principles of Attitudinal Healing developed by Dr Jerry Jampolsky can change your life.

Dr. Fred Luskin is a pioneer in forgiveness research. He is the Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects, an ongoing series of workshops and research projects that investigate the effectiveness of his forgiveness methods on a variety of populations. You can't go wrong with his work. You can find more information at Learning to Forgive



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