Dr. Jim Dincalci How to Forgive When You Can't

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Praise about Dr. Dincalci


Praise about Dr. Dincalci

Read what past participants in Dr. Dincalci's workshops have said about the him and his work.

This needs to be shared in our community, schools, etc. To bring healing to our world in such a caring way that Jim did would be so healing. - Olga Senyk, RN

Jim—I really appreciated your mind, balanced humble manner. I think this is a course that any personality type could handle. And that everyone should take. We all have someone we should forgive. - Debra Peterson

The class helped me through information, providing a focused time and space for it, and tools. Also, through Jim’s interest that seemed to contain no agenda for us, just for the work. The caring was very present but never felt like we should do anything—he was making an offering to us to do with as we chose. That created a sense of freedom for me. - Karen Marcroft

A great class. You are an excellent speaker. You respond well to questioning and your answers all seem to come from the heart. You really seem to have a lot of knowledge on this subject of forgiving. - Laura Lutz

Your examples were enlightening. Loved your sense of humor and willingness to share. Thank you for all your effort and thoughtfulness in putting together the handouts. – J. Bennett Jordan

Jim has a gentle presence coupled with a thorough understanding of the process both cognitively and experientially. Created a safe environment for growth, sharing and learning (and healing). - James Bourke

Organized presentation and rationale helped my left brain act info. Thanks a lot, you made my weekend!! - Lita Zigounakis

You are doing excellent work in the world. We all need this class. I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t have some with hold or resentments. Thank you. - Kathy Gehrs

Great workshop. Thank You—I feel you’ve helped open a door for me. - Danette Ellsworth

Jim was a very competent in handling sensitively any and all responses and feeling that came up. I felt safe in sharing and being vulnerable. - Kathleen Andre

Jim’s class was the finest example of positive group dynamics. - Elizabeth Bakewell

I’ve attended untold numbers of workshops and retreats in my life on forgiveness. This one is the best by far—You have my thanks and deep gratitude. - John Dunlop

Jim is an effective communicator. He is able to facilitate conversation and input for participants as well as keep focused and timely with material presentation. - Ross Foti

My overall reaction to Jim’s class was good. Relaxed atmosphere—more than meets the eye. A gentle guidance and excellent “crowd control.” - Deb Klass, RN, PhD


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