Dr. Jim Dincalci How to Forgive When You Can't

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Praise from Professionals

Read what mental health professionals and clergy have said about the Power Forgiveness Process and the exercises included in his new book, How to Forgive When You Can’t.

I learned some tools to use in my own personal life and also to share with clients. I’m excited about new possibilities in my clinical life. – J. Bennett Jordan

I now have the information to help my clients who may be struggling with forgiveness. Thank you very much. - C. Slovonik

This work exceeded my expectations to learn some things which would help me to be a better therapist. The personal learning was intense and profound. - Harriette Linn

I have grown emotionally and feel more responsible in a positive way to break through and forgive. Having questions or ask myself and then to write my introspective answers is very helpful. I can see how anytime I get into a forgiveness jam or hold onto a grudge the opportunity is now placed before me to work out the problem and let forgiveness happen. - Ann Marie Tomczak

On a professional level, I am now equipped to teach my clients about forgiveness and to guide them through the process. I have noted specific techniques and am excited about being more effective as a therapist. - Sally Lobb

Forgiveness is something I’ve been working on for the last several years. The explanation of brain function was new and helpful info for me. The guiding questions I found very useful. I am going away with new tools to help me on my path toward continued personal growth. - Jacqueline Williams

I gained insights and competency in working with clients. - Jacqueline Doyle

It gave me the information and the process to resolve issues I was hanging onto that needed forgiveness. — It will also be useful in my work with families. - Carol Newman


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